ASPECT Studios

At ASPECT Studios we’re committed to providing the best in creative design, for Landscape Architecture, urban design and high-end interactive digital media projects. Our studios combine to promote a culture of excellence, and passion. We build on our strong foundation of core staff. We work as a multidisciplinary team, always learning, collaborating and debating.We are innovators. And we are leaders.We are young, brave, Australian-owned business with streamlined management. We win awards, not just for what we design but for the way we think.

We are led by a team of three Directors and ten Studio Directors who guide our Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Shanghai, and Urban & Public.
We have projects in Australia, China, South East Asia, and the UAE which are serviced by our studios in Australia and China.

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Landscape Architecture

ASPECT Studios has grown on the strength of its reputation for design-led solutions. We are recognised as a company with the capability to deliver creative and sustainable urban and regional projects. As a group, ASPECT Studios has seen its landscape and public realm projects realised with multi award winning results throughout Australia and internationally.

ASPECT Studios practice in a culturally aware studio environment where projects are resolved through discussion of ideas, research, design and technical expertise. Our designs are based on ethical responsibility, responsiveness to the client and an approach that embraces the ‘total landscape’ – one comprising social, economic, and ecological considerations. Design quality is the ultimate achievement of these pursuits. ASPECT Studios supports a healthy culture of research and education through design tours, competition entries, teaching and strong links with universities and professional associations.

These connections keep all of ASPECT Studios’ practices engaged with current thinking and techniques. Technology also forms part of this contemporary approach, and is an evolving tool for research, visualisation, testing and design.


Urbanism gives clients an integrated and holistic approach to designing places that make a difference. We seek to enhance the lives of all people and natural systems in a long lasting way. Urbanism delivers creative spatial visions and solutions by bringing together our experience in the cross-related fields of master planning, landscape architecture, urban design, architecture, urban infrastructure, urban economics, and community engagement. We add value by drawing from our international design and policy experience in Europe, the United
Kingdom, and Asia.

We take delight in making sense of complex environments, no matter how large or small and no matter how many players. We exploit our understanding of urban processes to bring forward design excellence. We are nimble and opportunistic in our strategic approach.

Urbanism assembles collaborative teams of specialist experts to meet the unique demands of each project, place and client. We are committed to listening to and collaborating with clients and communities who understand their environments and objectives.

Green Infrastructure

ASPECT Studios seeks throughout its practice to reduce the carbon footprint of its projects and to improve the health and well-being of the community and the environment. This can be achieved through improved planning and design, product selection and use of “Green Infrastructure” systems. We define Green Infrastructure as the natural systems that underpin and are
integrated with our urban fabric.

Green Infrastructure along with Living Architecture, Urban Forests, and Water Sensitive Urban Design form an interrelated web of benefits that respond to the pressures of urbanisation and climate change. These are the key Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) methods and elements that the Landscape Architecture profession is actively involved in.

Their application reconsiders engineered infrastructure to provide increased natural benefits on site. These ESD solutions can be provided within project budgets and also contribute to the long term financial savings to the projects through increased life span, reduced maintenance costs and improved environmental marketability.

Environmental Graphics

ASPECT Studios’ environmental graphics team has delivered award winning signage projects for both the public and private sector for clients. Our multidisciplinary team is focused on the delivery of legible, connected and durable wayfinding and identity outcomes. The experience and innovation we bring to projects includes efficiencies in process and implementation, expertise in construction and detailing, material knowledge and providence of past experience to know what works best in particular conditions. Our signage expertise is award winning and our team’s alliance has been proven through numerous projects.

Living Architecture

ASPECT Studios is leading the way in the emerging area of “Living Architecture” in Australia. Put simply, Living Architecture is the integration of plants and water with built form. It includes green roofs, green facades, and green walls. Living Architecture has risen in popularity in both Europe and North America, and is now being recognised in Australia as a critical concept in responding to climate change and the increased demand of water and energy in our cities.

ASPECT Studios is at the forefront of this movement. Our command of the technical requirements and systems suited to each local climate, combined with our design expertise is helping to lead the integration of greening and architecture.

Integrated Playspaces

As a practice ASPECT Studios is keenly aware of the importance of play experiences that children have and the effect that this has on the quality of their lives and their development into capable and adaptable adults. We strive to create playable spaces in all of our work and understand that ‘playable space’ is not restricted to designated playgrounds, but includes the daily environment of children – the interstitial spaces, such as a generous flight of stairs with a handrail that is great to climb on and slide down, or a mound of leaves and branches left on the street verge that provides resources to build a temporary cubby house.