Landscape Architects & Urban Design Studio Dubai, UAE


Landscape Architecture

ASPECT Studios has grown on the strength of its reputation for design-led solutions. Internationally recognised with the capability to deliver creative and sustainable urban and regional projects, through its visionary ability to fuse and re-imagine the landscape into spaces that evolve with time, encapsulate their surroundings but most importantly ingrain themselves into the social fabric and fibre of the communities they have been intended for. We have created spaces that capture the imagination in the worlds’ most liveable cities.

ASPECT Studios has seen its landscape and public realm projects realised with multi-award winning results worldwide.


Our driven visionary and experienced Urban Design team creates spaces that reflect the life and heartbeat of urban spaces. Through innovation and creativity, we capture the essence, character, culture and feel, of urban environments, giving spaces a life of their own. We design, through prudent and effective economic planning, bold and sustainable places that people gravitate to naturally.

Green Infrastructure

ASPECT Studios is at the cutting edge of environmental and sustainable engineering practices. We design to nurture not only the environment but all the life within it. Maintaining the delicate balance between the environment and landscape, we implement ethical and aesthetically pleasing and creative design solutions that unify the landscape to its surrounding environment.

Environmental Graphics

ASPECT Studios’ environmental graphics team has delivered award winning signage projects for both public and private spaces. Our multidisciplinary team is focused on the delivery of legible, connected and durable wayfinding and identity outcomes focussed on communicating your message, whether it’s to inform or direct.

We bring our passion, drive and ambition to projects as well as our efficiencies in processing and implementation, expertise in construction and detailing, material knowledge and our providence of past experience to know what works best in any situation or condition.

Living Architecture

ASPECT Studios is leading the way in the emerging area of “Living Architecture”. Using our award winning landscape architectural team, we’re driving and pushing the boundaries of the imagination, weaving green elements into once grey and barren concrete jungles. Working with our engineers and scientists using cutting edge technology, we are developing buildings that are alive not only with people, but also plant life and diverse ecosystems and habitats. We are at the fore front of Living Architecture, which has risen in popularity in both Europe and North America, and is recognised as a critical concept in responding to climate change and the increased demand of water and energy in cities.

Integrated Playspaces

Urbanisation has often meant a decrease of public and private spaces for children and adults to congregate and play. At ASPECT studios we are building the playgrounds of the future, today. We are creating sustainable, imaginative conceptual spaces for play and creativity under the constraints of space, landscape, and economy.

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